Hawthorne Civil is a civil construction company committed to providing excellence in civil infrastructure projects throughout Australia.

Hawthorne Civil was founded in 2013 by Managing Director Enda O'Brien. Enda brings over 20 years' experience to the company having worked on major civil and infrastructure projects throughout Australia.

We have extensive experience with bridge and marine projects and major concrete infrastructure works. Our highly trained and reliable crews along with our small fleet of specialised plant assist us in delivering high-quality and consistent work for our clients.


Safety and Quality Excellence

Maintaining the safety and well-being of our people at all times while delivering a high-quality service to our clients.

People and Culture

Building and developing relationships with our clients and employees through communication and collaborative problem-solving.

Integrity and Accountability

Treating our clients, co-workers and suppliers in a professional, courteous and respectful manner while delivering high-quality work.

Innovation and Delivery

Working with our clients to develop innovative and flexible solutions before and during project delivery.


Enda O'Brien

Managing Director

Enda's trade, technical and leadership experience has seen the company grow from small beginnings since 2013. Enda's background working on major civil projects has given him insight into where he wants to grow and lead the company. His hands-on approach and problem-solving skills assist in delivering high-quality and consistent work across projects. Enda is proactive in creating a great working environment for his employees and focuses on retaining and attracting hard-working professional individuals.

Zdravko Cvetanoski

Engineering Manager

With over 10 years experience in civil engineering, Zdrav has worked for both major contractors and specialist sub-contractors. Having worked on complex and high-profile civil struture projects throughout Australia, Zdrav offers extensive technical knowledge and problem-solving skills.  Zdrav is committed to partnering with clients from early tendering stages all the way through to project delivery to ensure a seamless service is provided.

Ramon Labort

Operations Manager

Ramon plays an integral role in the management of Hawthorne Civil's day to day operations. He is responsible for the implementation of our ISO Accredited Internal Management Systems and management of fleet and plant among other varying roles. As a Civil Engineer with over 10 years experience in Civil Construction, Ramon works closely with the Project and Site teams to ensure projects run as smoothly as possible. 

Marcus Lawlor

Project Manager

With 15+ years experience in the Civil Construction Industry, Marcus is involved day-to-day in all aspects of Project Delivery. Marcus strives to ensure that each project's quality standards are met and projects are delivered on time. Marcus' experience makes him committed to deliver a final product that ensures our clients are satisfied.

Sharon Amedee

Business Support Officer

With over 20 years' experience in business management and administration, Sharon provides high-level support to the team and our clients. Supporting Hawthorne Civil's administration, Sharon ensures that all clients are relayed with the appropriate information to support a project's progress from beginning to end. 

Hawthorne Civil

We are members of the Queensland Major Contractors Association and the Civil Contractors Federation Qld